I’m Wendy and I teach yoga, the Alexander Technique and meditation. I do other stuff, too. This is my first post. 🙂

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wendy cook

I was born in the beautiful Australian highlands and have lived in Boston twenty-five years. I am grateful for this precious life. Even and especially when life sucks and is really hard. We are interdependent with all beings and I believe, in essence, everyone wishes to happy. * Practicing yoga since 1987 and teaching since 2000. * Trained four years in the Alexander Technique and teaching since 2014 . * Have completed a three-month solo meditation retreat while staying in a hermitage in the Mount Everest region of Nepal. * Love to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. * Co-habitat with a husband and two cats -- Bella Bodhicitta and Gonpo Maxx. * Volunteer in rabbit rescue and have at least a dozen house bunnies at any one time, many of them fosters. * Night owl. * Love to chant. * My wish is to benefit others from a heart of compassion, wisdom, and power.

6 thoughts on “hey”

  1. It has been a joy to watch Wendy unfold into a wise, knowledgeable and gentle yoga teacher over her 25 years. She has been a mentor to me in helping me to age yet still maintain the flexibility of my youth. She has been there since I started doing yoga over 25 years ago. The Alexander technique and the increased awareness of fascia have been so beneficial especially in recent years to manage reoccurring pain in my lower back and scapula. At 55, I consider myself fortunate to have such a generous and skilled sister. I highly recommend having an Alexander Class with her as this subtle technique and her skill of delivery was so beneficial even though I have only had a few sessions. Boston is so lucky having access to Wendy’s passion to want to benefit others! Love this website and your posts.


  2. Coming to DC in Sept for Fascia Research Congress? Check out biotensegritysummit.events on the 17th! Also, Carol Boggs is AT teacher and part of our DC Biotensegrity Interest Group-might be an interesting connection? Lots more on the Dcbig.org site. Cheers!


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