Seasonal Daylong Retreats

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An offering of daylong retreats to align with the season exploring heart-centered self-care and compassionate contemplative practices of yoga and meditation, informed by Ayurveda, Indo-Tibetan Buddhist meditation and philosophy, and the bodhisattva attitude. The days will begin with a 2-hr session that includes moving our bodies in yoga flow, inward practices of pranayama and meditation, as well as connecting with each other in our shared space. A home-cooked seasonally-inspired lunch will be served. There will be time for chatting, walking and napping. During the afternoon session, we’ll move more slowly, soaking deeply in our embodied and conscious experience. 

Winter Warrior: Restoring
Saturday, January 5, 2019 | 10a–4p

Reset after the holidays and pause as the new year begins. The season is dry, cold, and hard. We’ll explore ways to increase warmth, fluidity and softness while taking advantage of the season that is begging us to take more rest. 

Spring Warrior: Emerging
Saturday, April 13, 2019 | 10a–4p

As the promise of fresh growth emerges, the heavy, slow, and dull energy of late winter gives way to increasing light, movement and wakefulness. Shaking off winter and arising into fresh possibility with ease-fulness is beckoning. 

Summer Warrior: Radiance
Saturday, July TBA

The season of heat, intensity, sharpness, and invigorating outdoor activity we balance with relaxing, cooling and calm qualities. The expansiveness of the season also calls our heart to take a break and chill. 

Autumn Warrior: Grounding
Saturday, October TBA

Time to ground, recommit to a rhythm and stay warm as the environment begins to cool, the dry leaves rustle in the wind and life is busy with fall activity. Balancing the busy-ness of life with the letting go of summer and gracefully moving towards the winter season once again. 

Cost is $90 per retreat payable in advance.

Pre-registration is required and early registration is appreciated!

Email to register PayPal or Venmo options, or send check payable to Wendy Cook to PO Box 636, Lincoln MA 01773.

Bemis Hall is a wonderful, light-filled space located in the Lincoln Center Historic District, a beautiful, peaceful environment of woods, farms and open space. The hall is located at 15 Bedford Road, Lincoln, MA 01773.